Allocating Time to Find a Job

As life becomes more demanding and hectic it is evidently more difficult to find a new job.  Increased activities create further responsibilities and even small minor tasks are time consuming, every minute is precious.  You begin to feel tired and drained of energy, your thoughts and concentration are easily distracted and you feel as if you are turning into a scatter brain.  How do you overcome it?

The answer is to take one step at a time, to maintain focus and isolate each task in order to give it your maximum attention.

If you take the time to follow a plan you will develop more motivation and your application will improve as well as your energy level.

It is easy to get into the routine of returning home from work and switching on the television but if you intend to change your job you must adopt a proactive approach in order to develop your job search.

Allocate perhaps thirty minutes each night to look at jobsites, for example 8.00 pm – 8.30 pm.  Diarise this for so many days of the week and alter the time if it is not possible to do it at this time every day.  Set yourself tasks with deadlines such as applying online to so many companies, per week, also completing applications forms can be extremely time consuming, therefore, fill in an application form when you have adequate time.

Make a list of things you could stop doing in order to break the cycle of routine and create more time to achieve your goals – start tracking your time, try to take 20 minutes a week to consider what positive steps you have taken during the week to get a job or change your current employment.

Put practice to work and say to yourself I am going to send a certain amount of letters with accompanying cv’s to a list of companies each week.  President Obama responds to ten written letters every work day, it is simply a case of allocating sufficient time and having the presence of mind to create a scheduled daily plan.

May be keep a record each day of how your time is spent and consider some areas where you could eliminate activities to give yourself more freedom.  Re-consider your priorities and identify what is really important to you during your day.  So many people feel that they are constantly busy and do not have sufficient time but this is not always the case, if you do not adopt a plan it is probably likely that you will stay at the same pace for a long time.