Premiere People Business Update: Q4 2020

Our year at Premiere can be summed up as ‘transformational’. We have introduced new technology, moved to online processes and invested in creating a cross-functional team of brand ambassadors who share our values, mindset and way of thinking.


At the start of 2020, our goals were to increase our client base, boost revenue within the private sector and secure our existing public sector portfolio, and we’re proud to have seen success on all three counts. 

Remote, virtual working allowed us to rapidly meet both client and candidate expectations in some sectors. By allowing people to work remotely, we overcame the limitations of geographical boundaries, in turn increasing our talent pool. Working from home also strengthened our internal team with an increased use of tools and technologies that help manage remote working.

Looking forward

We have ambitious goals to continue our transformational journey and invest in our growth plans in 2021. Having proved it in 2020, we know that we will welcome the New Year as a more transparent, agile and innovative business. 

Our key focus will be increasing our private sector client portfolio through investment in strategic sales - we’re excited to be welcoming a new member of the team who will drive business development initiatives.