Celebrating our Workforce: Nan

Premiere People took time out this week to honour one of our workers for all their hard work and dedication to the health service; Nan.

Nan has worked for Premiere People since 2006 as a Secretary for the Belfast Trust. Due to her long service, we invited Nan to our office and after chatting, we discovered that prior to the pandemic Nan used to work Monday to Thursday so she could have Fridays free. Nan used these Friday's to dedicate her time to those affected by cancer; she would visit people in their homes to allow family members to have a break for a few hours. 

Due to the pandemic, Nan could no longer continue with these visits so she has been working a full 37.5 hours, week in, week out throughout the pandemic at the ripe age of 74! Most people would be glad to have a few hours free on a Friday, but Nan went back to work full time to support throughout these uncertain times. 

I think you will all agree our Nan is truly a remarkable person. Due to her hard work, commitment and support throughout her career - and the COVID-19 pandemic - we were glad to present Nan with her well deserved flowers.

Thank you Nan from everyone at Premiere People - you are an inspiration to us all.