Demand for Nurses Continues

Across the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), we are witnessing a considerably tight nursing market.

Demand is significantly outweighing supply, forcing employers to compete for workers and has made employee engagement paramount.

Northern Ireland Market

From March 2019 to March 2021, the Northern Ireland warehouse market witnessed the following:

  • -77.49% decrease in job seekers
  • The same volume of companies are trying to hire
  • This works out as 2,010 fewer job seekers on the market

What’s Causing The Demand?

The RCN recently shared an article that stated more than 3,700 fewer nursing professionals joined the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) register between March 2020-21 compared to the same period the previous year. There were 34,577 first-time joiners to the register in 2020-21, compared to 38,323 in 2019-20.

The figures also reveal an ageing nursing workforce, as one in five of those on the register are aged 56 or above and almost one in 10 are over 60. This is suggesting a high percentage will be eligible for retirement soon - a major concern given the lack of new talent entering the profession.

In addition to the lack of talent coming through younger generations, Brexit is also expected to have a negative impact on attracting nurses to the UK. Leaving the EU has delivered uncertainty over requirements as well as cost.

Furthermore, the talent shortage is causing current Nurses to suffer burnout. Nurses are becoming overworked due to inadequate staff levels, causing stress and exhaustion, resulting in some choosing to leave the profession if not go on a long-term break.

The human population is also living longer, increasing the number of people and the volume of health conditions needing treatment.

How are Premiere People Attracting Talent?
We offer the following benefits:

  • Salaries - we offer generous salaries - competitive with the likes of London but with much cheaper living costs
  • Work where suits you
  • Choose shift patterns
  • Vacation pay
  • We offer guidance and support with all mandatory training
  • We offer NHS and Private Sector opportunities
  • Free new uniforms
  • Support a work-life balance

If you need advice or a helping hand in finding your next nursing position, or for recruitment and hiring advice, contact our Nurse specialist, Anna Hagan using the details below.
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