The Jobseekers To-Do List

Looking for employment is a full time job in itself and treat it like so because it is only through continuous application that you will eventually be successful.   Plan your day when job searching, set goals for what you will accomplish each day, vary your job hunting, for example do not buy the same paper every week try different newspapers, consider different areas of employment and keep records of all your job applications.

We appreciate, as a recruitment agency, how demoralizing it can become to have to continually complete application forms and look at the same jobsites daily, but perseverance is the key to success. 

In order to be of some assistance, we have produced a ‘to do list’, it is a good idea to keep this at the side of your computer or desk, place it somewhere so that you can look at it daily – this is your reminder that every day counts.  Bear in mind that you are going to maximize your daily free time to optimistically accomplish tasks.

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  1. Every day is precious; consider alternative options in order to broaden your search of employment.
    It is very easy to get into a rut and slip into a depressing mood, the only way to overcome it is to spend a good part of your day job-seeking, and also some time developing a skill, something that will keep your brain active.  Perhaps take up learning a language or furthering your computer skills.  See what courses are available at your local library, if you are registered unemployed you will not be charged. When applying for jobs short list jobs which you consider you will have a good chance of interview then follow-up your application with a telephone call – ask for the HR Department, remind them that you sent your cv and stress your interest.
  2. CV together with a covering letter  - Your CV must be current and up-to-date in its presentation, however bear in mind that it is useful to slightly alter your CV for different jobs that you apply for, tailor your CV to the exact requirements of the job description.  If posting a hard copy of your CV to a potential employer, ensure you use good quality white paper, the feel and texture of superior paper will help your cv to standout.
  3. Approach some companies and offer to work may be one day a week as a way of broadening your experience, particularly if you are seeking office work, as this will keep you familiar with up-to-date equipment.Also it shows a future employer that you have not allowed yourself to remain stagnant and have actively participated in a working environment.
  4. Practice job interviews – consider your voice, you do not want any depression to be detected by speaking in a monotone voice, think of inflection, tone and pace, as well as speaking slowly and clearly.Pay attention to your body language – you want to deliver an optimistic presentation therefore positive body language is crucial.Practice and reflect on your image daily, so it will become natural and you will be perceived as having an overall confident disposition.
  5. Personal Marketing – give some serious thought to how you can market yourself and put some effort into creating both an online and offline presence, establish your own marketing campaign.Sometimes it can be the most simple idea or activity which can catch a potential employer’s eye, for example the young graduate who wore a sandwich board walking in London, advertising himself as “young graduate 2:1 degree needs a job”.He was recruited within a mater of days and successfully found employment.