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  • Domestic Supervisor
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Job Summary / Main Purpose
The Assistant Operations Manager/Supervisor will support the Operations Manager
in the delivery of high quality patient services which will include Catering, Domestic,
Portering, Transport, Security, Laundry, Waste, Car Parking Services, Stores,
Caretaking, Accommodation and Contracts.
The Assistant Operations Manager/Supervisor will assist in the day to day
operational management of services in line with the strategic development of Patient
& Client Support Services.
The post holder will be expected to deliver high quality service outcomes through the
effective and efficient use of resources through the setting of targets and a process of
continuous monitoring.


Main Duties / Responsibilities
For each of the following, the post holder will;

Service Delivery
 Coordinate the activities of the service(s) within post holder’s span of control as
directed by the Operations Manager.
 Oversee all operational aspects of the service(s) on a day to day basis to ensure
the efficient and effective use of resources and report any deviations to the
Operations Manager.
 Ensure the delivery of services within the confines of the management control
systems for the service(s) in the post holder’s span of control.
 Ensure compliance with all relevant statutory legislation, policies and procedures
connected with the post holder’s span of control.
 Complete staff duty rotas to ensure that a satisfactory level or cover is provided in
the event of unplanned absences.
 Monitor the condition of all equipment used throughout the post holder’s area(s)
of responsibility and ensure that it is adequately maintained and in good working

 Report immediately any defective equipment to the Operations Manager for repair
taking broken equipment ‘out of service’ immediately.
 Duly report/record any accidents/incidents in accordance with Trust procedures
and ensure that any identified follow up action is completed.
Service Development
 Assist in the identification of cost improvement initiatives or changes in practices
which would enhance the quality of services provided and represent efficiencies.
 Set and agree team and individual objectives and establish expected standards of
service in accordance with legislative and regulatory standards, for example, food
hygiene, environmental cleanliness, waste management and DHSSPS control
assurance standards.
 Implement and participate in appropriate monitoring and auditing arrangements
for the service(s) managed under the direction of the Operations Manager.
Collaborative Working
 Be required to work in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders.
 Participate in the investigation of complaints as appropriate in conjunction with the
Operations Manager.
Communication and Information Management
 Liaise with Ward Managers/Head of Department on all matters relating to post
holder’s span of control and to pass on any matters which required the attention
of the Operations Manager.
 Maintain good working relationships with all hospital staff at all times.
 Be responsible for maintaining records/information as appropriate within their
area(s) of responsibility.
Financial and Budgetary Management
 Be required to contribute to the control of expenditure both pay and non-pay
under the direction of the Operations Manage.
 Check all staff timesheets to ensure that all hours are correctly and accurately
recorded for payment.
 Supervise, control and issue consumables/materials and maintain appropriate
stock records.

Management and Development
 Be responsible for the training, supervision, welfare and counselling of staff within
the post holder’s span of control.
 Set and lead by example providing direction and guidance as appropriate.
 Participate as appropriate in the recruitment, selection and retention of staff and
the operation of cost effective staff rotas.
 Undertake annual appraisals of staff in accordance with the Trust’s Personal
Contribution Framework.
 Identify the training needs of staff and ensure that appropriate training is provided.
 Monitor sickness absence and take appropriate management action when
necessary in accordance with the Trust policies and procedures.

 Take action when necessary in accordance with the Trust’s disciplinary and
grievance procedures.
General Responsibilities
Employees of the Trust are required to promote and support the mission and vision
of the service for which they are responsible and:
 At all times provide a caring service and to treat those with whom they come
into contact in a courteous and respectful manner.
 Demonstrate their commitment by their regular attendance and the efficient
completion of all tasks allocated to them.
 Comply with the Trust’s Smoke Free Policy.
 Carry out their duties and responsibilities in compliance with the Health and
Safety Policies and Statutory Regulations.
 Adhere to Equality and Good Relations duties throughout the course of their
 Ensure the ongoing confidence of the public in-service provision.
 Maintain high standards of personal accountability.
 Comply with the HPSS Code of Conduct.

Information Governance
All employees of Belfast Health & Social Care Trust are legally responsible for all
records held, created or used as part of their business within the Belfast Health and
Social Care Trust, including patient/client, corporate and administrative records
whether paper based or electronic and also including e-mails. All such records are
public records and are accessible to the general public, with limited exceptions,
under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Environment Regulations 2004, the
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018.
Employees are required to be conversant and to comply with the Belfast Health and
Social Care Trust policies on Information Governance including for example the ICT
Security Policy, Data Protection Policy and Records Management Policy and to seek
advice if in doubt.

Environmental Cleaning Strategy
The Trusts Environmental Cleaning Strategy recognizes the key principle that
“Cleanliness matters is everyone’s responsibility, not just the cleaners” Whilst there
are staff employed who are responsible for cleaning services, all Trust staff have a
responsibility to ensure a clean, comfortable, safe environment for patients, clients,
residents, visitors, staff and members of the general public.

Infection Prevention and Control
The Belfast Trust is committed to reducing Healthcare associated infections (HCAIs)
and all staff have a part to play in making this happen. Staff must comply with all
policies in relation to Infection Prevention and Control and with ongoing reduction
strategies. Standard Infection Prevention and Control Precautions must be used at
all times to ensure the safety of patients and staff.

This includes:-
 Cleaning hands either with soap and water or a hand sanitiser at the
appropriate times (WHO ‘5 moments’);
 Using the correct ‘7 step’ hand hygiene technique;
 Being ‘bare below the elbows’ when in a clinical environment;
 Following Trust policies and the Regional Infection Control Manual (found on
 Wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
 Ensuring correct handling and disposal of waste (including sharps) and
 Ensuring all medical devices (equipment) are decontaminated appropriately
i.e. cleaned, disinfected and/or sterilised;
 Ensuring compliance with High Impact Interventions.

Essential Criteria

3 years relevant experience in a support
services role at Band 1 or above in a complex
An accredited managerial qualification e.g.
Institute of Leadership Management Level 2 or
equivalent and 1 year relevant experience in a
support services role in a complex organisation
at Band 1 or above

Car User or access to a means of transport
that meets the requirement of the post

A knowledge of managing support services
within a complex organisation
Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively
through all levels of the Trust and external


This Job is Monday to Friday 3pm to 9pm working hours

This Job is Temporary up till end of April 2022 with possible extensions

Starting ASAP!