• Belfast - Primarily working from home under review
  • £ £19.76ph (Deputy Principal grade)
  • Temporary
  • CHM -Economist - Northern Ireland Civil Service
  • natalie.donnelly@premiere-agency.com

We are currently recruiting for Economist (Deputy Principal grade) to start asap with Northern Ireland Civil Service, the role will be based in the BT4 area but will be primarily working from home under review.  


Rate of pay:  £19.76ph 


Duration:  51 weeks 


Hours of work:   Full-time.  37 hours per week.  Monday to Friday.  9am to 5pm.  


Job duties:


To provide analytical support in terms of NI economic assessments in the development of carbon pricing policy, specifically in the field of emissions trading. Emissions trading operates by placing a cap on the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) which can be emitted by industries within scope, and is based on a system of carbon allowances, which have a monetary value, and which can be traded on the open market as with any other commodity. It is delivered in the UK by the UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ETS) and is a key policy driver which will assist the UK and NI meet challenging GHG reduction objectives, including carbon neutrality by 2050 (net zero). The scope of UK ETS currently includes energy intensive industry, power generation and the aviation sector. The UK Government and Devolved Administrations are currently undertaking a review of the design of the UKETS to better align with net zero carbon reduction objectives. To this end, the UK Government and Devolved Administrations are reviewing the UK ETS in 3 main ways:

  • Proposals to align the UK ETS cap and trajectory with the UK’s net-zero target.


  • The role of Free Allocation policy as a carbon leakage mitigation tool in the context of the net zero aligned cap.


  • Plans to expand the scope of the UK ETS to sectors not already covered by the scheme, such as transport, housing / heating and agriculture.


All of these review measures have the potential to have significant financial implications for scheme participants and NI citizens, as the price of carbon is a significant operational cost for many businesses and industry. There is a need that any further development of UK ETS will be based upon economic impact analysis that takes into consideration NI’s Environmental, Geographical and Economic profiles.

Duties will include, but are not limited to:


  • Development of NI economic impact assessment  report in relation  proposals to align the UK ETS cap and trajectory with the UK’s net-zero target.
  • Development of a  NI economic impact analysis report in relation to a Free Allocation of allowances review in the context of the net zero aligned cap
  • Development of a NI economic impact analysis report  in relation to scope expansion of the UK ETS to include the additional sectors of transport, housing / heating and agriculture
  • As these issues are cross-cutting with other NI departments there will be a need to liaise and with other NI departmental economists to assist in evidence gathering and analysis of economic impact analyses.




  • Experience of the analysis, interpretation and forecasting of complex economic data, and associated  assessment of economic  impacts on a range of sectors
  • Experience of working in a multidisciplinary team in supporting policy development or implementation




  • Understanding of the machinery of government in the UK and NI


  • Experience in policy development


  • Experience of networking and collaborative work to support evidence gathering for analytical purposes


If interested, please apply your CV via the link below.