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  • Temporary
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 Our client, a leading public sector legal department, has a requirement for a legal admin assistant for 1 year


Busy office which is responsible for printing files, issuing decision documents, issuing summonses for Courts all across Northern Ireland (the courts being serviced will depend on which  region a post is based in).  Staff may also be required to attend these courts to arrange for the signing of summonses.  The role also involves manual lifting of files, filing and post duties including delivery of mail using the post trolley.  As well as the above, staff are expected to liaise with defendants, lawyers, and police on a daily basis both face to face and via telephone and therefore good communications skills are essential.  We operate in a large open plan office which can be on occasions noisy due to telephone calls and communication between teams. The Casework Support team are required to work to strict deadlines.


  1. Issue Decision / Re-issue Documentation

To issue a minimum of 3 decision documentations per hour to include prosecution, no prosecution, diversionary or a re-issue.  This target will be based on time available to you for issuing documentations whilst not involved in any rota duties.

  1. Despatching and signatory updates

Accurately despatch and electronically issue

100% of summons or to a maximum of 40 despatches within one working day of lay magistrate’s signature.

  1. File Production

95% of files including physical file, full file and remand papers to be printed and allocated within 1 day of task.  Priority to be given to remand files.

  1. Manual Register of Files

To manually register files that have not been submitted by the Causeway network within 2 working days of receipt of hard copy file.

  1. Scanning

To scan 100% of all incoming mail onto daily and   forwarded to correct destination within 1 day of receipt.

  1. Post Duties/Franking of mail/Police Post

Files and post to be collected and delivered to the designated office twice daily. All external mail franked and ready for collection on a daily basis.  Police post to be dealt with as and when required.

  1. File Requests

Requests for files to be actioned and tasked on  within 1 working day

  1. Put Aways – files and correspondence

All files to be put away within 2 working days of receipt and  task closed.

All loose correspondence relating to live files to be attached to appropriate file within 2 days of receipt.  All other correspondence to be attached as soon as possible.

  1. Stationery Order

To accurately collate stationery orders requirements on a monthly basis and pass to AO to input on AC/NI.   Unpack deliveries and check against delivery docket to ensure there are no discrepancies.  Pass delivery docket to AO to receipt against order on AC/NI.  Arrange for distribution to relevant offices within 5 days of receipt of order.


  1. Issuing of Late Evidence

Late evidence tasks to be dealt with on a daily basis and prioritised in accordance to earliest court date.

  1. Lay Magistrates Signing Duties

To ensure all summonses and Form 1’s are packed up securely in black courier bag and arrangements made to transport to appropriate courthouse via the courier the day before signing. 

Attend court offices in respective region to pack and unpack files for LM’s to sign summonses.


  1. Youth Conferencing

To process all Youth Conferencing documentation at referral, plan and completion stages within 1 working day of receipt.  Update Youth Conference spread sheet with all the relevant information on same day. 

  1. Communication

To answer all office telephone calls in a professional, courteous and helpful fashion and where necessary transfer promptly to the relevant section.

To deal with queries and requests from lawyers, police, solicitors etc. in a helpful and professional manner.