Returning to the Office

As we begin to win the war against covid and life slowly returns to normal, people are starting to return to the office. But after such a long time, are we ready to go back to face to face contact?

Throughout lockdown, homeworking has been a massive change for many but has slowly become the new norm. People have been able to save money on travel costs, work in an environment best suited for them, and spend more time with loved ones, children and pets. Working from home definitely comes with its perks. It has become so popular that some businesses, such as HSBC, have decided to stick with the change.

For other businesses, they are returning to the office or building a home-office work-life balance. So now people are returning to the workplace, how will we adapt?

Meeting the team

If you started working for your company in the past 18 months, there's a chance you have not met your team in person. This can be a scary experience for some, as it may feel like you’re starting new all over again. To prepare, remember, you probably won’t be the only person to join the business in lockdown and it will surprise you how quickly you settle in! Also, even longstanding employees might be feeling the same nerves as it will be a big change to what's become their normal routine.

Everyone's going to feel a little disrupted as people look to settle back down again after such a long break but try and enjoy it. Getting back to a bit of normality and seeing colleagues offers better collaboration, opportunities to learn from one another and a fun atmosphere!

Leaving your loved ones at home

Going from working from home to working in the office could be quite a shock to the system - especially if you have pets or kids who are used to having you at home all the time - leaving them might be hard.

To deal with this, have a talk with your line manager and express your concerns to see if you can arrange a gradual transition back into the workplace, a home-office split or flexible working. A lot of companies are much more open to flexibility following the pandemic so it’s always worth a conversation.

Adapting to a new routine

Changing your routine can be very hard, routines take time to build and take a lot of effort to become natural. A 2009 study shows on average it takes around 2 months to build a new routine. So how do we adapt to such a sudden change returning to the workplace?

The truth is, there's not a one-size-fits-all solution to adapt to sudden change, except to embrace it with a positive attitude. However, given proper notice, you can slowly prepare for a back to office lifestyle over a few weeks. By making small changes every day, such as waking up at different times, having food when you would have it in the office and getting properly dressed for the day, you can prepare yourself for office life.

On an important note, if you believe that remote working has improved how you work, have a conversation with your manager to see if you can organise a more permanent arrangement. Be aware that this may still be difficult to agree on depending on your role and industry, especially if you work in a team, as it's more than likely that your manager will want the team to be together.

Premiere People are back!

We would like to announce we are returning to the office this September, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Working in recruitment, we thrive on being around people, whether that’s supporting colleagues, creating a sales buzz in the office, or meeting our clients and candidates. Our business is centred around people!

So please, if you are interested in meeting us, whether it’s to grow your team, to find a new opportunity, or simply to discuss the market, get in touch!