Social Impact

We’re about more than service transaction –   we’re about helping thousands of people to survive, thrive and revive. We believe in a society united by shared opportunities, where everyone can maximise their potential, find fulfilment and live meaningful lives.

Corporate Partnerships

We believe in bringing value to people’s lives and creating a place where they can grow and reach their full potential. That’s why we’ve developed some great social partnerships to enable people to find good jobs from all social groups and backgrounds.

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Rewards & Recognitions

Cordant pride ourselves on being a friendly and flexible employer, whose staff are proud to work for and find their roles fulfilling and enjoyable. We regularly reward our staff through our reward and recognition scheme, internal staff and customers can nominate our front line operatives for the award following excellent performance.

  • No zero hour contracts
  • Quarterly excellence awards. Fast track career progression. Over 53% of our existing ops team have moved up through the ranks
  • Annual employee survey –  Over 78% say they’re motivated to contribute more than is expected of them
  • Access to e-learning which has been implemented across the business to encourage self-development 
  • Suggestion and reward scheme where employees make suggestions on how to improve processes 
  • Assessment centres exploring skill gaps and ongoing development needs for contract excellence

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