Temps or Perms, which is right for your business

In this blog, we will discuss the differences and advantages of both temp and perm employees to help you decipher which is right for your business.

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The benefits of temporary employees

The chance to bring in a wealth of experience:
As people start to approach retirement age, many are now looking for temporary contracts so they can wind down before they officially retire. If your business is looking for fresh ideas, then getting your hands on experts with a breadth of experience in their field can give a massive boost to your business.

Temporary employees provide a fantastic level of flexibility to your business, especially if you are currently going through changes. If you find yourself in an extremely busy period, maybe due to some exceptional growth, temporary workers may just provide you with the support your business needs. Temporary workers are also perfect if an existing employee needs covering for a certain period, for example, maternity cover.

Additionally, if your business sees seasonal peaks and troughs, you may need different staff numbers for different quarters. With temporary staff, it allows you to more easily adapt your workforce to live requirements instead of entering a vicious hiring and firing cycle.

Opportunity to trial new employees

If you are worried about committing long term to new employees, hiring people temporarily gives you a great opportunity to see and test the real business benefit beforehand. Additionally, you may hire someone for one role but find them perfect for another. Temporary employment lets both the employee and the employer see if they are a good fit for each other.


The benefits of permanent employees

Greater commitment to the role
On average, a permanent employee is more committed to a role and wider business objectives than someone hired temporarily - clearly because they have chosen to settle long term at your organisation. Therefore, instead of keeping an eye out for their next role, they can be fully committed to working for your company.

More time to dedicate to training
When you hire workers temporarily, any in-depth training may be a waste of resources as soon that employee may leave. However, with permanent employees, you can dedicate a lot more time and training to help mould them to your business needs.

If you have a long term plan for your business, hiring permanent staff gives you the best value for money. They will learn the business objectives and culture, have time to deliver results following training and (hopefully, if they stay long enough with the company) be able to train and grow their own team.

Easier to acquire top professionals
When looking for someone to fill a permanent role, especially in a senior position, often these individuals look for long-term opportunities (perm) to be able to make a true impact. It also gives them security so they can focus on the business rather than feeling pressure to look for a new role when the contract ends.

So there you have it, our breakdown of Temps and Perms. We'd like to thank Cordant People for helping us make this blog and bring you the most up to date expert advice. If you are looking to hire, why not contact us?

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