The Benefits of Part-Time Work

More Time to Pursue Other Goals:

Put simply, working fewer hours means more time to dedicate to your other passions. Are you a full-time student? Working part-time gives you the perfect balance of earning some cash while having enough time for your studies. Want to start your own business but don't want to be left financially unstable? Working part-time gives you a constant reliable income while you get your own business up and running. Seeking a job opportunity in a field that is difficult to enter? Just like running a business, going for your dream job may not happen straight away. Part-time work allows you to gain experience and skills in the sector (often voluntarily) whilst maintaining a source of income.

More Free Time:

Another really simple point, if you are someone who has a lot of hobbies, wants more time to spend with the family or is trying to gain a new skill, and still have enough income to sustain yourself, working part-time is ideal.

As the average retirement age grows older, having more free time spread evenly over your entire life - rather than all at once after you retire - could be the way to maintain a long term and sustainable work-life balance.

Reduce Stress:

Having more time to rest can help you feel more refreshed when it comes to the start of the new week. Feeling more refreshed can help boost your energy for work, increasing output.

Working in demanding jobs full-time, that come with pressure, deadlines and ultimately, stress, can make it hard to rest at the weekend due to your mind being on overdrive. This can cause burn-out and have a serious impact on your well-being.

Having more time off allows you to take part in de-stressing activities, which someone who's working full-time may not be able to do, such as yoga or exercising.

To conclude, if you can comfortably live within your means, there are numerous benefits to part-time work.

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