The end of furlough and what it means for you

The ends of Furlough and what it means for you

With the coronavirus job retention scheme ending (furlough) yesterday, you may be wondering what will change across the UK going forward. Furlough was implemented during the spring of 2020, shortly after the introduction of the first national lockdown, in an attempt to stop large scale redundancy.

The plan worked well and saw 11.6 million jobs saved as part of the government scheme. However, with the end of the furlough, unfortunately, we are expected to see an increase in those unemployed. Read more on the government forecast for unemployment here.

How to prepare if you are on Furlough

Now that furlough has ended you may find your future a bit up in the air.

If you are unsure about what will happen to you and your job now that furlough has ended, we recommend you speak to your line manager to see what plans your employers have for going forward.

Worried about losing your job?

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Managing your finances

While you are looking for a new role, you can use this money navigator tool here for assistance with keeping on top of your finances.

Additionally, the chancellor of the exchequer has said he will announce plans to support those coming off furlough in the autumn budget on the 27th of October, utilising the aforementioned one million-plus job vacancies in the UK to assist those left without work.

Furthermore, if you can return to the workplace upon the conclusion of furlough, you may find yourself being given fewer hours or a different contract, causing a great slack in the labour market. Therefore, even if you can return to the workplace, you may not be happy with the new employment offering, meaning you may still have to find new work.

As previously mentioned, if you are unsure about the work hours you will receive upon returning to the workplace, talk to your line manager.

Adapting to change

With the end of furlough, you may be wondering how you will adapt to the upcoming change. The worst thing is to attempt to fight change when it comes, due to the risk of being left behind by the uncontrollable changing environment. Embracing change gives you a chance to get ahead and prepare for the new challenges that will arise out of it. To read more on adapting to change, click here.

Work with us

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