Why is LinkedIn so important?

What is LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is a social media platform centred around building professional networks online. LinkedIn is great if you are looking for a new role or want to learn some new skills. Also, if you operate your own business then LinkedIn is the perfect platform for communicating with potential clients.

Why is LinkedIn so important?
You can use LinkedIn to showcase your experience, education and skills, as well professional recommendations from your colleagues (past and present). Being a LinkedIn member gives you access to a huge job board where applying for roles can be done with just one click. You can design your profile to give potential employers instant access to everything they need to know about you, and if done well, you can often receive headhunt messages with new opportunities coming to you. LinkedIn gives you, your chance to shine. Do you have a special talent or skills? Show it off to the world and stand out from the crowd!

If you have an interview and you need to prepare, there's no better way to research a company than via LinkedIn. Read the companies about page to find out more about the businesses history, what are their goals? What do they do? You can learn about their employee's the interviewer, what are their interests? Where have they worked previously? Do you have any synergies you can talk about? For more information on preparing for an interview, we wrote a useful article for you here.

LinkedIn is a vital social media platform that gives you exclusive access to business connections and job boards. Showcase your skills and recommendations to the world to build your personal brand and help you land the job you want.

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