Why people are leaving their jobs today Vs pre covid!

This is a study reviewing how people's motivations for leaving work have changed since the pandemic began. This research was conducted by polling our social media followers on what we saw as the main four reasons someone would wish to resign from their position. Our polls were run for two weeks to give us time to gather as much information as possible.

The options offered to our followers were:

  • The commute was too long for me
  • Poor management and/or colleagues
  • Boring or uninspiring workload
  • The salary and benefit package

First, we looked at how these options would rank pre-covid. Our study found that poor management was the main reason people wanted to leave, receiving 42.31% of the vote. This was ranked first by quite a large margin (15.39%), showing just how important it was to people.

Our second poll assessed people’s thoughts towards these issues during covid. The results showed that throughout lockdown, poor management has increasingly become an issue for employees, winning by 71.43% (that's a 29.12% increase!).

The reasons for this are unknown, but, it can be theorised that managers have adapted poorly to the changes brought by covid, and have not been able to change to suit the new needs of their employees. Our sister company, Staffgroup, wrote a brilliant article on this issue and ‘the great resignation’ which you can view here.

Furthermore, our poll found that salary was no longer as high a priority for employees during covid as our votes fell from 26.92% in poll 1 to 0% in poll 2. Again, the reason for this is unknown. It could be presumed that as people's jobs became unstable due to the economic downturn brought on by covid, employees prioritised staying at work instead of asking for better wage packages. Alternatively, as people are now more mobile and maybe working remotely more frequently, they are saving money that would otherwise be spent on commuting, lunches, coffees and all the other expenses that come with travelling.

Employee’s bargaining power is high, especially in the labour market (see here for more details). If employees haven’t felt supported or heard, or have received a lack of communication, a higher workload or increased stress during this period of uncertainty, there is a high chance they will be looking for a new employer where they feel valued. In order to attract the top talent, management processes need to be evaluated; are managers leading by example? Does training need to be done? Is communication transparent? Are all employees being supported and developed? Are processes aligned with business values? The list goes on.

Looking forward, better management is an increasing necessity for employees to stay in their roles. Once the economy fully recovers, it can be expected that salary will become a more important factor yet again.

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